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graze is a webinar series for nutritious pastoring.  the first preview event, entitled, “community is not the answer,” will explore the core of christian faith in the coronavirus age, based on this amazing piece by meera clark of obvious ventures.

8.17.2020 // 7:30pm – 8:00pm pacific // free, rsvp required.


This is NARTHEX.

Social Trends + Religious Intelligence = (future-focused) Denominational and Regional Ministry Strategies.

As the strategy unit of PASTORIA, we specialize in providing denominational executives and regional ministers with trends analysis, social insights, and forward leadership guidance in the Coronavirus Age.

Our frame of reference is comprised of economic, commercial, technological, financial, political, social, and religious data.


Does social justice need the church?

Take a good look at who Co-Founded Black Lives Matter, at the Planning Team of Campaign Zero, and at the Authors of 8toabolition. What do you see? Not really any priests, pastors, reverends, or clergy collars.


Principal Projections

as of 7/15/2020