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Analysis: Does social justice need the Church?

Take a good look at who Co-Founded Black Lives Matter, at the Planning Team of Campaign Zero, and at the Authors of 8toabolition.

What do you see? Not really any priests, pastors, reverends, or clergy collars.

Does that mean that the Church is not present? No, of course not. The body of Christ is fully participating in the movement for all kinds of social justice.

But, what it does mean is that the Church seems not to any longer hold the place of primacy in social justice that it did in the Civil Rights Era and even to the days of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton.

In fact, after Rev. Al Sharpton announced that the family of George Floyd would lead a march on Washington, a public push-back by a leader of another civic social interest group was published on Politico, entitled, “No, Rev. Sharpton, We Don’t Need a March on Washington.”

Likely an implication, and not the cause, of the shifts that have taken place over the years in the United States, the Church seems to be embracing the role of “Chaplain to such leaders,” not actually being such leaders themselves.