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Analysis: Apple’s “Creativity Goes On” Ad

Apple recently released this wonderful ad – you can watch it right below and then read on for our analysis.

So, at first glance, their message is that this trait or thing called, “creativity,” survives even global pandemics and continues to make a way for artists, families, and people to be fully alive.

It’s a great message.

It’s a great Easter message.

Reminiscent of the depiction of Jesus hanging around after his death and resurrection, what it is trying to say is that Apple products is what will in fact enable you to bring about such creativity in your own life – Apple products themselves make it over to the other side first and help you then follow its lead.

Theologically, this is the movement from eschatology to missiology.

Namely, in such times as these, we first have to decide what it is really need to survive. We will package that somehow (in this case, as an Apple device). Then, we will send it off on a mission to other side where it will (for lack of a better term) plant a colony and via that package assert its new mission to become fully alive.

So, here are the takeaways for church leadership:

  1. Identity – Christian discipleship has previously emphasized the “who we are” question with the answer of, “we are the church.” That’s fine. But, in this new era, what the heck is the church’s purpose? What does it look like? In what way are we “going on?” The Church needs to come up with the answer to this question.
  2. Activity – Pre-Coronavirus, “being the church” was all about gathering. I mean, if “the church” were a device, it would help us gather, in-person. That is not what we are supposed to be doing anymore. So, what is it that we will do that will define who we are? The Church needs to distribute and/or identify this sooner than later.